200 Years of Karl Marx

4-5-6 May 2018- Istanbul

The economic crisis that started in US, 10 years ago, and spread to the world brought once again the question that “was Marx right?” Under the rise of inequality and the reckless exploitation of labor and nature, this debate evolved as “probably, yes”. Even those who claimed that all “-isms” other than capitalism had lost their validity had to refer to the Marxian classics.

In the 21st century, humanity faces enormous problems such as economic and political crises, unemployment, poverty, ecological destruction, which are fed by contradictions of capitalism. All these problems are stems from the capital accumulation processes based on private property. Thus, analyzing the continuity and changing aspects of contemporary capitalism, and discussing perspectives that transcend existing exploitation relations, remains as an urgent need. What is expected from Marxists is to produce theoretical and empirical studies, discussions and practices to satisfy this need.

Unfortunately, however, Marxist theory, purged from the university long time ago, was deprived of the means for appropriate discussion and reproduction in the academic world, which has become increasingly unproductive and has lost its qualification to produce knowledge for society. On the other hand, postmodernism or “new left”, which erodes the notion of class, surrounds Marxism from both outside and inside for many years, yet it has an influence not to be underestimated in mainstream opposition fields. That is precisely why the scientific meetings that go beyond the official institutions, from a Marxist perspective, become even more significant. In the Marxism Symposium we organized on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marx, we aim to conduct discussions on both the main topics of Marxism as well as the current situation in Turkey and in the world.

In this context, all researchers interested in the following topics are invited to contribute to the Marxism Symposium to be held in Istanbul.

Deadline for abstract submission: Sunday, 10th December 2017. 

To submit an abstract (max 1000 words) please send an e-mail to: marksizmsempozyumu2018@gmail.com

The topicality of Marxism

– The dialectical method

Capitalism and crisis

– Class Analysis

Labor history, labor movement and unions

– State and regime debates in Turkey

Marxism and national question

– Gender and class relations

Marxism and history

– Marxism and revolution

City and space

– Marxism and ecology

– Marxism and art

– Religion, culture and everyday life

– Marxism and natural sciences